Unimelb Enterprise Agreement 2019

77.1 Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, during the period from Monday to Friday, the University may, in agreement with the employee(s) concerned, provide for extended shifts of up to nine hours and thirty minutes (excluding meal breaks) that would not result in a shift penalty. A staff member who accepts such consent would not be required to work more than 80% of normal working days (Monday to Friday). A formal offer or agreement on such an agreement may only be made to an employee after a period of at least 21 days at the branch of NTEU Monash University and an agreement has been concluded between the branch of NTEU Monash University and the University. 40.3 Annual leave may be considered as a single uninterrupted period at a time agreed between the agent and the competent supervisor and may be granted up to 20 days before the date on which the right arises. If no agreement can be reached on the date of leave, the official may lodge a complaint in accordance with the following provisions: If the University and the staff have reached an agreement in accordance with point 37.3 on a change in working arrangements that deviates from the change in working arrangements initially requested by the staff member, the University shall provide the staff, at their request, with a written response: setting out the agreed amendment(s) to the working regulations. 32.2 For the purposes of this clause, the test of the total percentage reduction in revenues will be measured on a calendar-actual-annual and forecast basis for 2020 and 2021 in relation to the actual total result of revenues for the full year 2019. First, the official or one or more accredited representatives of the official or party reporting the dispute and the appropriate representative(s) of management or other defendant shall discuss the dispute and endeavour to reach an agreement within two weeks of the first commencement of the dispute. Countless meetings, rallies, petitions, dean appointments, Zoom bombings and finally an appearance at the vice chancellor`s mansion, Cumnock House, provided by the university. We went to ask a question: Is such generosity appropriate when casual workers owe $6 million in wages? Current Corporate Agreement (clauses 2.21.1 and 3.27.1) On June 2, 2020, the University published the final version of its proposal (proposed final amendment). The alternative initially proposed and the final amendment proposed include the same provision with regard to the taxation of wages. www.abc.net.au/…/university-sector-new-era…/12654828 Friday, proud unionized workers at the art faculty asserted their power to work with an academic branch that had treated them for too long as „incidental costs” and excluded them professionally.

So we rejected the „last” offer of payment arrears from the university, which would have only once again short-circuited occasional payments by paying only a third of what was due to unpaid salaries for six years. We wanted wage justice, wages that would no longer be stolen. In an email dated May 25, 2020, the vice chancellor promised „not to abstain from our staff.” Join the movement for a higher education sector based on fair jobs: www.nteu.org.au/join In his may 25, 2020 email, the vice chancellor said the variant proposed by the university offers „as much protection as possible for employment.” In addition to the proposal to abolish the salary increase granted on 1 May 2020 from 1 July 2020 (in fact, a permanent reduction in wages of 2.2%), the original amendment also proposed www.megaphone.org.au/…/university-of-melbourne-. Staf. The fact that the voluntary separation regulation provides for lower rights than the company agreement is acknowledged by the university, which stated that it had „no reasonable basis for the severance pay provisions” in the scheme (see the university`s letter of 27 May 2020). Section 37.3 applies if the University rejects the application and has not entered into an agreement with the employee in accordance with section 37.2. Before responding to a request under section 65, the University must discuss the request with the employee and really try to reach an agreement on a change in working conditions that is appropriate to the employee`s situation, taking into account: 17.2 In order to facilitate the safe return of employees to work on campus, The University and a professional employee (who is not a shift worker) may agree that the professional employee may start or finish the work up to 2 hours before or up to two hours after his normal period of hours (which, however, does not extend beyond 8 p.m.) from Monday to Friday. This measure is subject to the agreement and all occupational health and safety considerations. If such an agreement is reached, the skilled worker is not entitled to overtime rates or shift penalties for time worked before 8 a.m. .m or after 6 p..m. under the agreement.

32.1.1 a projected reduction in total revenues of between 5.0% and less than 10.0% (measured over a 12-month period compared to actual 2019 values) can be demonstrated; and 29.15 Any dispute will first be reviewed by the CTMC. The CTMC will make a good faith attempt to resolve the dispute by attempting to reach an agreement. If the dispute is not resolved by the CTMC within 5 business days, the dispute may be referred by either party to an arbitrator for resolution. The University has a 2019-2030 Framework for Monash and Torres Strait Islander Aborigines that recognizes that a supportive work environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people requires reparations for racism, social injustice, exploitation and disability. A brochure on campus highlights the issue of the remuneration of the university`s many casual academics. Employees covered by the agreement received the wage increase last month, but are being asked to waive the increase by May 2021. In its draft contract, the university proposed that additions for all mid-level administrators be subject to the condition that the staff member receive an „exceptional” grade – the highest possible – in his annual performance review. The minimum duration of leave to be paid is one week. A minimum credit of 4 weeks of annual leave must be respected for a request for payment of the leave to be accepted. All payments made when annual leave is paid are not pensionable and are not considered a benefit.

Employees are advised to seek financial advice before requesting payment for leave. The acceptance of a request for annual leave payment must be the subject of a written agreement between the employee and the university. 26.3 In the agreement, the CTMC takes into account: 17.1 The purpose of this clause is to support staff by facilitating staggered start and end times by appointment when working on campus. This will help manage capacity and minimize health risks associated with public transportation and rush-hour road travel. 2.8 An annual staff member is a staff member who, as such, is recruited on a continuous or temporary basis for a certain number of ordinary hours during a calendar year, as offered by the University in accordance with clause 16 or subsequently amended by agreement with the annualized hourly staff member. This agreement is a closed and comprehensive agreement and, subject to national employment standards, completely supersedes any allocation (existing or future) and any agreement that would apply without the application of this agreement. .

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